Why donate?

There are a lot of good causes and good organizations that need financial support. We can understand that it is difficult to make a choice between the available charities and we encourage you to make an aware and informed decision, if you decide to donate.

Below you will find an overview of our expenses.


Temporary housing. To make sure that as many animals as possible get their chance for a loving forever home, we are working on the network of foster homes in the Netherlands. If a dog/cat is accommodated by a foster family, we need to pay for the food and all others expenses related to that animal until he/she gets adopted. If animal stays with us (majority of the cases) we obviously cover those expenses too. 

Transport to the Netherlands and within the Netherlands. The transport from Romania currently costs €120.00- €150.00 per dog and €80.00-€100.00 per cat.  This is not cheap and makes it much more difficult to help animals from over there. There is also a cost of fuel when we drive to the drop off point or when we bring the animal to his/her forever home.

– Sterilizations and castrations. We financially support our trusted partner organizations from other countries with their spay and neuter clinics.  Sterilizations and castrations are the only effective long-term solution to the problem of stray animals. 

Medical care. Majority of animals whom we take in are having health problems- they are injured, starved or struggle with ongoing infections and diseases. That means that these dogs require a lot of medical attention. Until now we had to pay for surgeries, skin-disease treatments, parasites, parvo-virus treatment and so on. We also have to pay for their stay in the clinic. When the animal comes to us from one of our partner rescues, we are the ones to cover all expenses related to the paperwork and transport.

Feeding stray dogs. We can’t save all the dogs, so the least we can do is make sure those on our way will get their meal. With some of the money we receive we buy dog food. These ”feeding actions” are mostly being done while we travel and by our partner organizations, with whom we split the bills.


Donations. We are completely dependent on donations. Without your help we couldn’t do any of this, and the dogs that we saved until now would probably have died.

Our own income. Since the very beginning we are covering vast majority of expenses with our savings. At the moment we luckily both work, but we don’t earn much and have our own living expenses and 3 cats who are part of our family.  We do NOT get paid for our dog rescue work, nor do we take money donated to us for ourselves.

If you have any further questions about our incomes/expenses, please contact us! We hope this give you a bit of a clear view why we need donations so badly and really, we are happy with every cent you can miss. It might not change the world, but it might change the world for a dog or cat. 🙂