About us

Stray Aid Romania was created in December 2017 by Kasia and her partner Ray. We fostered and rehomed the last dog in 2022, though to this day we are helpling other befriended rescuers with writing adoption posts and finding foster homes.
As part of an international volunteering program, Kasia spent 9 months volunteering in Romania, Valcea region, where she started aiding stray dogs and cats by providing food and medical care. Those who needed extensive medical treatments have been fostered in Romania, and after being declared healthy, they were transported to the Netherlands. There Ray would offer them a temporary home while looking for adopters.

Stray Aid Romania fully relies on donations and financial input from those involved and receives no government support nor grands.

Stray Aid Romania aims to help stray and shelter animals, mainly in and from Romania. Over the past years though, animals from Bosnia, Serbia, Belgium and even Central America found a home via the organization.

What do we do?

  • Spay and neuter campaigns.
  • Providing first aid for stray dogs/cats in need.
  • Fostering and rehoming stray and shelter dogs and cats.
  • Supporting other initiatives in the field of animal welfare.
Kasia & Ray

Kasia & Ray