Sissi has been adopted on February 5, 2022. She lives with her new family in Utrecht and from minute 1 she is rotten spoiled 🙂 


Sissi is a four years old amazing kitty, with an amazing story.

She was abandoned at a shelter when she was just a kitten, together with her sister, and she lived there for 3 and a half years. When she was around two years old, she escaped from the cats enclosure and went to the dogs yard…she barely survived and unfortunately the dogs caught her by the leg.
Sissi was very ill when our friend Raluca took her out from the shelter, in February 2021. After many tests and treatments the very expensive treatment started to treat Sissi for FIP. I took over 3000EUR and 95 days of daily injections (in the first 3 weeks) and then daily pills, immunity supplements and hepatic protectors.
But what’s the most important- now Sissi is super healthy and cheerful and she has been like this since September 2021. Raluca (the rescuer in Romania) did the tests two times already and Sissi doesn’t have any sign of Corona anymore!
Sissi is spayed, FiV and FelV negative and uses litter box.

Sissi likes other cats and she is not afraid of dogs, but she prefers the company of humans more than the company of other animals, so she will be totally fine as a single cat of the family. She has just three legs but she doesn’t mind that at all, she is running, playing, jumping like a cat with four legs.

-> We are looking for a home where Sissi will remain an indoor cat and where a balcony/garden (if applicable) and/or at least one window is secured, so when the weather is nice she can safely enjoy fresh air. This is a non-negotiable condition.

-> We are seeking family who understands cats’ need and will make sure that Sissi is played with and stimulated.

-> Pre-adoption meeting and a home-check applies.

-> Adoption fee applies to cover travel expenses and partially cost of vaccinations, passport and microchip etc. (200€).

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