Banderas arrived to the Netherlands in mid February 2022 and immediately stole hearts of his new family. He is now living a life filled with love, cuddles and naps and we couldn’t have been more happy for him <3


Banderas was found by the parents of our befriended rescuer in Romania. There he wandered about looking for food. After months of fighting to gain his trust, he finally realized that people don’t have to be so bad. It soon became apparent that Banderas had an ifection in his eye and ear. He also had multiple injuries all over his body from fighting with other cats.

Since then he has completely recovered and come a long way in his relation with people. Now cuddling with people is his biggest hobby! Cold, on the other hand, he doesn’t like at all; you almost wonder how he could have been a stray cat. 😉 Unfortunately he doesn’t understand toys yet, but it also slowly changes.

We would love a nice stable home for him where he can be himself and his limits and qualities are respected. Where he finds the warmth of a family and a home and where he can grow old.

Banderas is fully vacinnated, castrated, uses litter box.


  • Banderas is FIV positive (but FeCV and FIP negative). He can live with this fine, but care must be taken if introducing him to other cats.

-> We are looking for a home where Banderas will remain an indoor cat and where a balcony/garden (if applicable) and/or at least one window is secured, so when the weather is nice he can safely enjoy fresh air. This is a non-negotiable condition.

-> We are seeking family who understands cats’ need and will make sure that Banderas is stimulated and happy.

-> Pre-adoption meeting and a home-check applies.

-> Adoption fee applies (200€).


Banderas is currently still in Romania. As soon as we have found a suitable home for him, he will come to the Netherlands.

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