Sweet Dante makes an amazing progress!

Dante with each day he extends his comfort zone. Just in 1,5 day he overcame his fear of the elevator and the squeaky doors to the outside of the apartment complex we live in.
He doesn’t pee even a drop anymore when we approach him with the leash and he enthusiastically comes into the hallway, because he knows it means a walkie 🙂
At home he likes to play with our cats and his toys and takes lots of naps, mainly on the couch, next to us. He is generally so quiet that we sometimes forget that he is with us.
He walks well on the leash, but we take it easy not to overwhelm him, since we see that when there is a lot of sounds/cars/people around he stops and it seems to be too much for him at such times.
He is a friend of every dog we are meeting and is very curious towards passers by (even if at first he seems spooked by them).

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