Jim has been adopter on November 27, 2020. He shares his life with a lovely family, who works fully from home, so he will get as many cuddles and play-times as he needs and wants 🙂


This little guy who is now approx. 5 months old has been rescued together with his brother (Dan) and sister (Sarah) by our friends from Fundatia Siddharta.

He is quite outgoing, loves to play with his brother and toys.

Would be great if he is adopted together with his brother/sister or to a house with another cat.

Jim is vaccinated, microchipped and uses cat litter box.

Are you interested in adoption? Please keep in mind that:
🩹You are obligated to spay/neuter adopted animal(s) at the earliest convenience. We can help with arranging it.
🏠We are looking only for homes where the cat(s) will stay indoors and where balcony (if applicable) and windows are secured. This is a non-negotiable condition.
🤝Pre-adoption meeting and home-check applies.
💰Adoption fee applies to cover travel expenses and cost of vaccinations and other medical costs (100€).

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  1. Hello, I’m interested to adopt Jim and his sister Sara. Is it possible to fix an appointment? I live in a permanent house and they would have a lot of space to run an play. I look forward to hear from you 🙂

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