Luca (now Nyx) got adopted together with his sister Elisa on September 17, 2020.
Their new caretakers made sure that the house is fully ready for the kittens, they also scheduled castration/sterilization and understand that for their safety and safety of wild animals- cats belong inside. That’s what we call being responsible 


Luca is 4.5 months old kitten, brother of Elisa & Luca and son of Ramona.

He loves to play and the best way to get his trust is through the game. He loves to explore, play with toys and with siblings, as well as annoy his mom from time to time 😉

He changed a lot since he arrived to the Netherlands couple of weeks ago. He became comfortable around people, comes by himself when you enter the room and usually stays around people, sometimes even sit on a lap 🙂

We are looking for someone who would adopt his together with his mother, unless you already have a playful cat(s) 🙂

He uses the litter box and he is fully vaccinated.

The adopters are obligated to arrange castration at the earliest convenience.

!For our cats we are looking only for homes where they won’t be allowed to roam freely outside.! 

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