Ramona (now Indy) got adopted! And she got adopted with one of her sons- Marcos (now Louis)!!! 🙂 The family came to meet her and fell in love with her right away, as well as her son. They didn’t want to separate them and because of their big hearts now both cats enjoy love and comfort of permanent home <3


Ramona is a +/- 3 years old mama cat.
She was lucky enough to decide to give birth in a barn of our friends, who took her and her kittens under their care and allowed them to live together in safety and peace.

Ramona is a rather calm cat, who enjoys cuddles and chilling in the sun by the window, though we have also seen her playing with a toy few times 😉
She is extremely sweet and gentle.

Ramona uses the litter box, does not scratch on furniture.

She is fully vaccinated and spayed.

!For our cats we are looking only for homes where they won’t be allowed to roam freely outside.! 

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