Blanca got something she was waiting for a long, long time- a great home, where her parents give her love, affection and lots of cuddles. She scored a jackpot and now she can sink in the wonderful new life and enjoy life to the fullest <3

Blanca is one of the cats that has lived all her life on the street… or at least she has lived many years of her life on the street. We don’t know if she was born on the streets or if she ever had a family, but we know that Blanca lived from what she found in the garbage when the dumpsters were too full to close the lids, and what she caught: mice, birds. Blanca was staying in the yard of some blocks of flats where from time to time some residents feed no one’s cats, so they consider that they are doing something good for those stray animals. However there were over 10 cats, none sterilized, unfortunately.

Blanca was rescued by Pieces of Heaven. When they saw her, Blanca had a big belly and was a bit hungry so she came to eat quite quickly. They put her in a crate and took her to the vet. The pregnancy was interrupted and Blanca remained in their care, hoping to find an adoptive family.

Blanca has lived too many years without love or care.  She has many missing teeth and until she went to her foster family in Romania, she didn’t know that people can offer love, comfort and peace.
She still is shy in the very beginning and needs little time to build a trust, but once she knows a person even a little, she comes for cuddles. She likes sleeping next to us and she is quite a playful lady 🙂

Blanca is a 7 years old, quiet, calm, good cat. She does not scratch, uses a litter box and sleeps a lot.  

She is vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized. We guarantee you a great company full of positive energy if you adopt her!

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