Lovely Gaucho got an extra chance on life

Gaucho is a beautiful German shepherd mix, a miniature version of a real German shepherd. We saw him sitting there in a pen in a very full animal shelter in Guatemala. Gaucho was here already for many years. He got bullied a lot, was skinny and had very bad teeth. Whenever we were walking by he would look with sad, yet hopeful eyes at us.

We started taking him out for walks, he loved it! Very shy at first, but as soon as snacks came out he became a completely different dog. He was smart, gentle and sweet. But what could we do?

Luckily the amazing Caroline jumped in. She is very active in replacing shepherds in the USA and she just knew that she could find him a forever home. So we brought him to the vet for a bath and an anti-flea treatment and we started the journey across Guatemala. Not only Gaucho, also Joey and Espe joined us on this trip.

Upon arrival in Quetzaltenango, Gaucho was placed in the foster facility that Caroline runs for Guatemala Hope for the Animals. Here he opened up and turned out to be a very intelligent dog that is really focused on humans, and also a bit of a big cuddle bear. He loves to play and is enjoying life. As soon as he can travel he will take the trip to the USA where his permanent home will be waiting.

Without Guatemala Hope for the Animals this would have never happened, if there is any group that deserves your support it’s them. Please consider a donation to them!

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