Siania is waiting for a purrfect home!

For this sweet 7 years old cat lady (who is currently staying in Maastricht) we are looking for a permanent home, where she will get a lot of affection and love. ❤

What you should know about Sinaia:

* She is fine with dogs and cats, she lived with many of them back in Romania.

* She loves being close to people, cuddle with them and sleep under the blankets.

* She knows how to use a litter box, scratches only on scratching poles and likes to play with her toys, (especially during the night 😛 ).

* She is healthy and spayed.What would be the perfect home for Sinaia?

We are looking for a home where she would have frequent opportunity to be and interact with people, a possibility to enjoy the outside, but in a controlled and safe way- either through the nets in the window(s), secured balcony or (if she would like that), a harness or a cat stroller. A place where she would get a scratching pole and toys, which she enjoys more and more. Last, but not least, a family who understands that she needs some time to get used to the new situation and environment, and who would take time to make it as easy and smooth for her as possible.And of course a place where she is part of the family, loved and being taken care of. Where she will get the attention she deserves (she is VERY cuddly) and can enjoy the rest of her life.

If you are interested in adopting her, please express it via private message or e-mail (info[at] and we will send you back a questionnaire to see if there is a match. (an adoption fee will apply, which will help cover the costs that we had in helping her) .

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