Benny is looking for a perfect family ❤

Benny is a beagle of about 1 year old and didn’t had an easy start in life. He stayed with a family with young kids but tensions grew as Benny loved to play with the toys from the kids as well. He went to a couple of rescuers but due to circumstances they asked us to keep him for a while. However, after a couple days we decided all together that it would be in the best interest of Benny if we would try to find him a good home. Benny is an incredibly friendly dog and gets easily attached to people. He is a bit emotional though, and is sad when someone leaves. He loves to get a lot of walks, running of leash (which is only possible at fenced dog parks) and cuddles. Definitely cuddles! He is sweet, happy, friendly and gets along with humans, cats and dogs. House trained and not a destroyer, except for his soft toys. 😉 He is smart (and stubborn, like a real beagle) and learns fast: we’ve seen a lot of progress in the time that he spend with us now! Barking he does rarely. Who would be the perfect family for Benny?First of all, please keep in mind that Beagles who don’t get enough exercise become bored, destructive, noisy, and/or obese, which puts stress on their joints and causes health problems. Beagles need regular opportunities to stretch their legs and run, if you want them to remain healthy and fit. At the same time Beagles should be able to run inside an enclosed area like a yard or dog park, in which they should get new stimulations. You cannot really trust a Beagle off-leash – they will follow their nose wherever it leads them and pursue anything that runs.That being said, if you had/have a beagle or made extensive research on characteristics and needs of the breed- that’s a great start. We are looking for an active person/family, preferably with no small children, who works part time/from home/is willing to pay for a pet sitter or a dog walker, so Benny won’t spend long hours alone at home. You are patient, consistent and you can set the limits of what is allowed and what is not. At home you like to sit on the couch while cuddling with him: he loves that! 🙂You must be willing to take Benny to the dog park frequently, so he can run around and interact with other dogs. If you already have other animals at home- that’s great!Not obligatory, but it would be great if you would join a training course with him. This will strengthen your bond and will keep him busy. Benny is not yet castrated and he will not be able to go to his new house until this is done and he is recovered. We are hoping, though, to get it done this week already.

If you are interested in adopting Benny, please send a message to info[at] explaining why you think you would be a good match for Benny. We will pick up the adoption procedure from there. You can read more about it on . There will be an adoption fee, that will cover his expenses.

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