Loki found a home!


We are extremely excited to announce that Loki found a home, after 6 years in the shelter, a trip from Central America to the Netherlands and many vet visits. He found a home with an amazing couple – Jennifer and Didier, who will give him all the love and medical care that he needs! We are so thankful for this!! <3

Apart from his new family, we also want to thank everyone who helped or donated. From the amazing Dan and Elodie, who fostered Loki and brought him to the vet, to Selma and Raoul, who came to pick up Loki (+ Poochi) and us from the airport, to Lilli, who borrowed her car so Loki could make it to his surgery. And last but not least, a HUUUUUGE thank you to EVERYONE who donated towards his massive medical bills. Without the support of all of you, we could have never saved Loki, and this was truly a team-effort 💪💪💪

Loki made so many friends over the last months, that he can consider himself the luckiest dog in the world. Now it’s time for him to start enjoying life and we are sure this it’s going to be great. ❤️

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