Please spare 2EUR to support Nima Sanctuary.

The same lovely and amazing people who rescued Lola and Linus (two doggies whom we fostered), opened the first sanctuary for farm animals in Romania.

Now they need financial help to procure the large hay stock for the winter time in Nima Sanctuary. 
** 2 EUR = one hay bale **

The 11 rescued cows and steers need 15 hay bales a day (at a cost of 30 euro/ day) for a total of 250 days of cold season (October to May), i.e. 7500 euro in total.

2 euros procure one hay bale; 30 euros procure a day’s feed. We only have to 2 months (August and September) to achieve our 3750 hay bales target!

Please join our efforts and support Nima Sanctuary with a small donation for the winter hay.

You can donate via this page:

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