Permanent home for Lucy needed!

Lucy is a lovely 9 months old pup (small-medium sized; 15kg) found by us in Tara National Park (Serbia) in August. After months spent on getting her a passport, she arrived to the Netherlands on February 20.

Lucy is a very active dog, full of energy, enthusiasm, craziness and love. She enjoys to run, meet other people and dogs, explore and sniff around. After the proper walk she is the happiest when she can join you on the couch and cuddle. 
Lucy is getting along with cats, dogs (she is opening up more and more, recently she played with the other dog for the first time!) and people- adults and kids (she loves to be around humans). She walks good on the leash and sticks around whenever she runs loose. Lucy is toilet trained and when she stays at home alone she doesn’t destroy and doesn’t cry.
She is fully vaccinated and sterilized.

Whom we are looking for?
🚴‍♂️ someone who has an active lifestyle (we are sure Lucy would be the happiest when being a company for someone who walks a lot, bikes, does jogging etc.).
🐶 a dog person who would make Lucy part of a family and feels comfortable having around an energetic 4-paws-friend who wants to stay very close to you (especially when you sit on the couch 😀 )
<3 someone who is fine with giving her proper cuddles and hugs (she loves it and she needs it).
🏡 a home where she wouldn’t stay alone every day for many hours. 
🥇 person fully aware of what it means to raise a puppy and who is ready and committed to work on her pup-behaviours (since few days whenever she is excited she jumps and bites in a playful and absolutely not-aggressive way), who knows the importance of socializing dogs with other dogs and people.
🤸‍♀️ an extrovert, out—going soul (we see that she responds best to people with the same energy)

If you are interested in adoption of this lovely furry girl- please send us a message.

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