Linus is adopted :)

In February we signed the adoption contract for Linus, and he can finally start his life in a family. Linus will live his life with an amazing young couple and their cat, Lola. They live in a small town surrounded by fields and forest and decided to do some trainings with him, to improve their relationship and to keep his mind exercised.

We are sure that Linus is going to have a very good life with them, he deserves nothing but the best and we just know that he found exactly that!


Linus is a gentle boy who was found in Romania by Fundatia Siddhartha  when he was still a little puppy. Over a year later still nobody has adopted him and they now trusted us with this job.

He is very cuddly and loves his people. Good with cats, dogs and everyone and everything that he is used to. In the beginning, when he experiences new things, he is still a bit shy/scared, but this changes very fast. He is clever and learns in a heartbeat.

Linus walks good on the leash and sticks around whenever he is off the leash on big fenced dog fields. He loves to run and play with other dogs.

At any point he didn’t show a sign of aggression. He is a submissive boy 😉

Please contact us when you think you could provide him a home.

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