Collection of leashes etc. in progress!


We are absolutely thrilled, touched and amazed by amount of donations we got from you so far! <3 But we continue!

Another rescue we work with, from Sarajevo, also desperately needs blankets and dog beds (it is now -15 there!). Both organizations (Romanian and Bosnian) need food bowls, harnasses, blankets, leashes and collars.

If you would like to contribute please send us a message and we will organize a pick up or give you our address, if you are willing to come by.

Goodies will go to Fundatia Siddhartha and, if we collect more than they need, also to Hope VMS- Elaine’s Dogs.

P.S. The cat is not part of donations 😉
P.S.2. Not all donated stuff is on the photo. There are also toys, few more bowls and blankets

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