Lucy. The story about rescued Serbian pup.

Entering Serbia, our holiday plans got quite disrupted when we found this little Angel. Meet Lucy, a 2.5 month old pup. <3 Filled with worms and infected by flees she roamed around in Tara National Park. Thanks to Serbia's Forgotten Paws we found a temporary home in Belgrade so that's where we went. Lucy will live here next 4 months, until she can travel to the Netherlands. We dewormed her and she was checked for distemper and parvo - both tests were negative! 🙂 For first vet visit we paid 30eur. For first month of stay in temporary home 50eur + 10eur for food. Please, help us to cover those expenses. You can donate on Let us know if you are interested in adopting her. She truly is, in one word, amazing.

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