Tiny Tino met his family

Being on a small holidays in the Balkans, we couldn’t help but feed the stray dogs we passed. They are many and our heart breaks with each new homeless creature we see.

One dog just couldn’t be left behind. A few weeks old boy, roaming the streets of Visegrad (Bosnia) alone without mom, nor houses in sight. Covered in flees and hungry, we instantly knew we had to take him. Right now he is in a foster home where he will be taken care of until he can travel to the Netherlands.

Tino is a tiny puppy and will be a smaller sized dog. He loves to play, eat, sleep and cuddle. A typical pup. 🙂 He is a bit clymsy, though! 😉

Please contact us if you are considering adopting him. He can travel to NL when he is 4 months old.

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