Another dog in need…

Wow, what a beautiful girl!

This pup of 9 months old had a bad start in her life. A guard-dog to be, in Râmnicu Vâlcea, she had to be fierce and bark, but her kind side kept on winning. No use to the care-taker she has been treated badly and was about to be dumped.

Luckily some caring neighbours came around and helped/fed her. Now they contacted us and we are more than happy to find a loving home for her. So now our question to all of you is clear and simple: can someone adopt her? Either in Romania or the Netherlands?

She, average size, sterilised, vaccinated (the first one was yesterday) and full of love when arriving to you. She is good with other animals and with people!

Also; we are looking for a name suggestion! So what about a small donation in exchange of you giving her her new name for a new start? O:) We would be very thankful and the donation would be used to help pay for her vet-visits!

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