Annika needs temporary home for 3 weeks, starting from July 22

This beautiful dog, Annika, will travel to Maastricht (Netherlands) soon!

How tough it must be, to raise your children in a harsh and barren environment. How tough it must be, having such a desire towards attention and human companionship, but getting none…. This is pure reality for many dogs on the streets of Romania and Annika is no exception.

Annika (+/- 4 years old) was found begging for food and attention next to a road in Romania. Her pups were hiding underneath some stones close by waiting for mommy to return. We heard that she had puppy’s many times before and we can only guess about where they ended up. The same goes for the rest of her litter. Leaving them behind just wasn’t an option.

After bringing them in by Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor “A Doua Sansa” Ramnicu Valcea(and after one of her pups had surgery) we quickly found out what a thankful and friendly dog she is. She is lovely towards every dog and human she sees and it’s almost as if she feels that now her time to enjoy life arrived.

However, she will arrive in Maastricht around mid-July, which is also the time we are leaving out of the Netherlands for a couple weeks of holidays/helping dogs. We are DESPERATELY looking for someone to take care of this girl, temporarily or (even better) permanent. Could you look after her for 3 weeks or for forever? Please let us know. We would of course provide food, leash, collar/harness, toys etc. <3 We will be forever thankful! <3

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