Check out how Lola has changed!

Lola in her new home

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Last but not least, we have some news from Lola’s new family. She was found with seriuous skin problems caused by parasites, her sister died of parvo, but Lola made it thru and now enjoys her worries-free life 

“Everything is great with Lola. She is an amazing dog. We have dog training class every week and she is learning really fast. And Winston and her love each other it’s really cute.
We were gone for one weekend and they stayed with our dog walker and her dogs. Lola thought one of her dogs how to play and she is so happy about it  Lola does not accept if anyone does not like her and in the end every dog is playing with her.
She is also getting better with people she does not know and is not that scared anymore. It takes her like 5 minutes now and she is all over our friends. Still giving lots of kisses.”

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