Pepa found a new family!

Pepa was caught in second half of April, when she was  +/- 2 months old. She was found nearby Brezoi, where she was roaming on someone’s yard. The “owner” gave her away without blinking an eye. Immediately she got deworming and injection with vitamins- her belly was like a balloon, beacause of warms 🙁 Though she looked fluffy, under her fur there was only skin over bones…Now she is 7kg more and her hairstyle does not look like from 80s anymore 😉

Pepa likes cuddles sometimes and she definitely enjoy having siesta or a proper night sleep with human on the bed. Sometimes she gets a ADHD moment and she really wants to play, run, bite. She is a puppy, so she has some annoying behaviours like biting legs and hands, barking, chewing on shoes or socks if theya re left on the groud. At temporary home she did not destroy anything (except one flip flop 😉 ). In local forest and park we let her go lose and she was always next to us. She likes to play with toys, specially balls 🙂 Pepa has strong personality and she could be very stubborn, therefore we look for someone who is consequent and who will show Pepa her place in hierarchy. She learnt very fast how to walk on leash and she is in 90% toilet trained (remaining 10% is peeing on puppy training pads).

She will grow to medium size.

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