Autumn finally got adopted in a loving family!


We are pleased to announce that Autumn today will experience her first night in her permanent house in Maastricht! She has been adopted by a lovely couple with their two dogs. We will miss her so much, because she is truly an amazing creature.

Such a far way she came from being a stray dog in Romania, to a loved dog in Maastricht!

Due to their financial contribution and some of your donations from the last months we managed to cover a lot of the costs we had in recent times. Now we can fully focus again on rescuing other dogs from the streets of Romania!

This brings us to the next point; after being away for a couple of weeks to come back to Maastricht and visit family, Kasia is now back in Romania. We will be posting more frequently again and hopefully we will be able to write to you about a lot more successes!

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