We are sorry….

We are sorry that we cannot rescue more dogs.
We are sorry that we keep on asking for donations.
We are sorry that we keep on asking for help and we are sorry that we don’t sterilize more dogs. 
We are running out of savings and bills keep on coming. We are forever grateful with all your help (posters (like at Pets Place Maastricht ), donation jars (like at KAFETHÉA ) and donations/spreading the word (like Marks Maastricht ), both from companies/groups and individuals). They are, however, nowhere near enough to cover all our bills…… 

So if you want to join us in our mission to help the dogs in Romania, please spread the word! Adopt a dog or consider a donation. If you know any ways how we can get some extra money, let us know! Attached are some of all the things that we had/have to pay in recent days.

But, apart from all this, we are most happy with the fact that you all keep on believing in us! 

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