A golden-oldie; our Johnny-bear!


EDIT: Johnny has been adopted on March 25, 2018.

He is now with a lovely couple, where he can live out his years in peace. He will be sharing the house with some other dogs and cats and in the garden and pastures (that are part of the farm) he can find a lot of other family members; from chickens to donkeys.



While out feeding stray dogs a soul so gentle approached us. An old, kind dog who was more than happy with some of the food we offered to him. Quite fast we noticed that he had a deep wound in his paw, so deep that the bone was sticking out.

Not more than a couple of days later we managed to capture him and bring him to the clinic where he received a surgery, which luckily went very well! Now, he has several metal nails in his paw but he is able to walk normally.

This calm dog (around 10 years of age) looks a bit like a bear mixed with a dog due to his fluffy fur. We need to find him a home urgently, otherwise we will have no option than to put him back on the location where we found him, since our temporary homes are full already.

Will you give our fluffy friend a forever home? Contact us! 🙂

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