Doggies arrived to the Netherlands!


Wow, what a morning! After the alarm went at 03:50 we went from Maastricht to Eindhoven and we can now happily say that all 3 dogs are safe in the temporary home in Maastricht! Johnny, Lola and Autumn are now becoming Dutchies! 

Autumn immediately wanted to cuddle and enjoyed the ride, looking outside the whole time while begging to be petted. Lola joined her and spend the complete trip being excited about all the things she could see from the window. Johnny, however, decided it was time for another nap and he found his perfect napping-partner in our human companion.

When we arrived we took them for a walk before giving them all a warm shower. And now? Now they are all sleeping, dreaming about everything that happened in the last couple of days/weeks/months. Our guess is that they will still sleep for quite a while! 

Please consider to adopt one of our furry friends or to make a small donation. We are desperately low on money and with your help we can continue to save dogs! 

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