2018: donations vs expenses

We thought it would be time to show our donations from this year so far. We are forever grateful towards those who donated and/or will donate, but as you can see it’s nowhere near enough to cover the costs for all the dogs. This is all paid from our own money. Please consider a donation, even if it’s a very small one. ❤


02 January- 15 EUR
15 January- 49 EUR
17 January- 40 EUR
22 January- 24 EUR
29 January- 372,02 (362,00EUR is from gofundme.com, which started in December 2017)
05 February- 50,00
19 February- 100 EUR
25 February- 50 EUR
28 February- 50 EUR
TOTAL: 750,02 EUR

Our expenses in 2018 reached, as of today, 1600.46 EUR. All invoices are available on our facebook page and website, except expenses for temporary homes (180,34 EUR), for which we do not get any bills.

PS. We did not include expenses for Molly nor money we got from her new family, as they covered everything except chip&passport, so the balance is almost zero.

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