We lost our precious Taro today…


Taro is not with us anymore… 🙁 She was found in the morning laying down, knocking her head on the floor in her nerv-tics, biting her tongue 🙁 The decision was made to make euthanasia. Yesterday I consulted her case with vets in my hometown back in Poland and in Maastricht and it all looked very hopeless. She had one treatment a few weeks ago and she didn’t respond to it at all. She got another one in the last 7 days with no results as well. As she didn’t walk, her muscles were getting weaker and weaker. We didn’t expect that her situation would get worse so fast. 🙁 We couldn’t help her.

At the top of it we have to pay for her stay and treatment in the clinic (210RON), euthanasia (105RON), and incineration (30€). We want to thank Doina for declaring to help us and pay directly to clinic 300RON, we really appreciate it <3 We ask for your support, cause on Tuesday (when I- Kasia, am back in Romania). I also need to pay for Alpina- the one who had tumour 283.70EUR (1320RON) : 100RON blood analasis + 350RON treatment + 800RON surgery (castration & tumour excision) + 70RON for one x-ray... PLEASE DONATE/SHARE <3 Dutch bank account (EUR): Katarzyna Smolinska – NL28 INGB 0700 7809 63 Romanian bank account (RON): Katarzyna Smolinska – RO55BACX0000001566298000 You can also donate via PayPal: http://strayaidromania.com/campaigns/help-us-save-the-dogs-from-romania/

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