Autumn, Johnny and Lola got their first vaccinations!


Good news! Autumn, Johnny and Lola had their first vaccinations yesterday and next week they will receive the rest. This means that in 4 weeks they will be ready to come to the Netherlands! We are sure that they will steal the hearts of everyone in Maastricht but of course we are hoping that somewhere in Romania or the Netherlands a permanent family is waiting for them. Can you offer this? Find out more about them here! 😀

At the moment these darlings are staying in a temporary home. This costs us 10RON per day for Lola and Autumn and 15RON per day for Johnny (his paw is doing much better already, we will provide you some pictures of him soon!). This is still excluding the food. 🙁 If you would like to help us help them, please consider a small donation. Our donation-page and bank-details can be found on our website! <3

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