Little Misha and his adventures


It is time to tell you a short story about a kitten called Misha.

This little creature was found in our building, next to the basements. He was meowing a lot so he was easy find. We kept a close eye on him for quite a while, hoping that his mom would return. Sadly enough, this didn’t happen and we decided to bring him to the vet. Here they told us that he is only 2.5 months old and with a shopping bag full of necessary items (from a litter box to powdered milk) we went home again, with newly-named Misha!

To our surprise he started to use the cat toilet immediately and everyone fell in love with him. The plan was that Kasia would take him to the Netherlands as soon as it was possible. Christmas proved to be a challenge; who could look after him when Kasia, nor any of the other volunteers, would not be in Râmnicu Vâlcea?

With the help of a friend (Gabriela) we managed to get in touch with Sorina, who actually proved to be the perfect forever-home for Misha. Misha quickly made friends with the older cat and the two dogs that he will be sharing the house with and we hope sincerely that they will all grow old and grey together. 🙂

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