Little black Molly


Together with Flee, Molly came to us from a shelter where she had to live in bad conditions. We decided that we wouldn’t leave without them and managed to take both, and a third one. Diagnosed with Parvo, Molly and Flee managed to push through. Sadly enough, the third dog died the first night she was in our care. The diseases and lack of proper food was too much for the little being.

For 10 days both of them had to stay in the clinic and receive intensive treatment. Our amazing vet managed to fix them up and finally it was time for them to go to a temporary house. First, they had to stay in a ”dog-hostel” (a private place where we still had to pay for their stay, but at least they could play in the grass and enjoy human companionship) until a volunteer was ready to take Molly in.

It wasn’t long before someone in the Netherlands fell in love with her. How can you not, with her playful and enthousiastic appearance? Molly is a truly loving creature and we are happy to arrange a suitable house for her. She will start her journey to the Netherlands on 13 February and we can’t wait to show you pictures of her in her new home! 🙂

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