Out again to feed the stray dogs

Dog food
Dog food

Today we went out with food and treats to feed the stray-dogs around Râmnicu Vâlcea. We came across the dog with the injured paw, about whom we posted a picture last week. He loves his belly rubs and he enjoys being with us. We decided that tomorrow we will try to capture him and bring him to the vet, so he can start a new life as a dog without worries. If you can provide him a forever home, please let us know!

However, we cannot bring you only good news. Again, we found a dead puppy. A puppy from who the life ended before it started properly 🙁
All the food that we used today we had to purchase with the three of us and we will keep on doing this until all the money has disappeared from our bank-account and our wallet. If you would like to support us, please do so! We can really use every cent you can miss. We can use every kind word, picture of your happy dog or act of help that you can provide us with. Let us all work together to save as much dogs as possible, every life counts!

Big thanks for today to Nicoleta & Eduard from Caini Valcea <3

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