Feeding stray dogs

Finally this day came and I met wonderful local activists- Nicoleta and Eduard. They feed stray animals every weekend, do a lot of sterilizations and promote adoptions (check out Caini Valcea). I had a chance to join them on yesterday’s feeding action. I expected to see things I would prefer not to see, but reality overwhelmed me completely one more time. I think photos will describe it much better than words, so I will just sum it up- huge amount of stray animals outside of cities, hunger, cold, illnesses, injuries….

This week we are joining our forces again. Caini Valcea will help me to transport puppies with skin problems and skeleton dog to the clinic I am working with. We still need to find transport for a big dog with cut on his paw. The treatment won’t be cheap and their stay in dog hostel, after they are out of clinic, is not cheap either.

One more time- please donate / share this message!

We need money for medical treatments, dog hostel, food, sterilizations…

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