Feeding of a stray dog

Another living being on the edge of society, another living being in urge of some help and love. Another one, another one. Sometimes they seem to be everywhere; from the streets to where you would least expect to find them. Today was no exception. While hiking alongside the banks of the Olăneşti river (close to Bulevardul Tineretului), we came across this creature who is expected to be man’s best friend. A best friend who showed nothing but fear and shyness towards us.

However, some food can do miracles. We fed him a few pieces of dog food and slowly he came out of the grass and started to enjoy the treats. Sadly enough, after all the food was gone, we had to leave him there for now. We will be back for him, as we made the promise to ourselves, the dogs and you to help as much of them as possible. Together we can work towards a Romania with less stray dogs (awareness, sterilisation and adoption) and more happy dogs.

PS; for the dogs that are awaiting their trip to their forever home in NL we managed to cover the complete costs from 16 december until now (175e). We still need about the same amount for the last weeks in the hostel until they are ready to come to the Netherlands. If you could help us out, that would be great!

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