Masha (a.k.a Mashimimi, Mashimi, Principessa) is a 3.5-year-old female cat with a big, lovely personality and a huge amount of energy. She is vocal (especially after litter box visits and before mealtimes 😉), she LOVES to cuddle and snuggle, likes to give and receive kisses, being held and carried around. She wildly enjoys (and really needs) daily interactive playtimes, she’s a really good hunter and has a high prey-drive. She is agile, funny, smart (she really likes puzzles) and very much human-oriented. Her presence really fills the house with smiles, love and energy. Since a kitten she lived with other cats and she used to be around dogs too.


Masha is spayed and up to date with her vaccines. She has gingivitis (had her teeth cleaned in the end of May), meaning she needs annual monitoring of her gums and teeth. She is easy going when it comes to doing stuff around her, from giving her pills, to clipping nails and brushing her teeth (which is recommended with her condition, but not necessary; anti plaque powder also helps).

Why do we rehome Masha?

Since a change in the diet of our cats (from free feeding kibble to scheduled meals and wet food only) they all became increasingly more fit and active over the span of the last 1,5 year. This unfortunately led to more and more tensions between Masha and the other two cats, especially the oldest one. After trying everything we could think of*, we decided that a life of constant partial separation is a not a good life for any of the involved beings (that includes 2 humans and 3 felines) and we are looking for new family for Masha.

What are we looking for?

Based on the 3 truly fantastic years of sharing life with Masha, we feel that she needs:

🧡Lots of love, she’s really human oriented.

💛 Family that preferably works from home, at least majority of the days, and spends at home lots of time to keep her company. A rather calm place, as she can get restless/overstimulated if there is a lot happening around.

😻 Someone who is up for giving her quite some attention while understanding and bearing in mind that it can also overstimulate her.

✋ A person(s) knowing how to set boundaries. Masha is very consistent when she sets her mind on something (particularly getting to bread and oil 😉).

🐈 A family that wants to truly understand her needs and goes above and beyond to make sure that Masha has daily opportunities to release her energy (now she has 2 playtimes just before the middle and the last meal of a day, she eats from a licking mat, we give her puzzles a couple times per week, she has quite a few spots for cat TV, and we think this is a bare minimum).

🌳 A space with cat trees/a cat wall. Masha is definitely a tree dweller, loves to climb and usually sleeps at the top of a scratching pole.

🏠 A home where she will remain an indoor cat (meaning no access to the outside, unless it’s a secured balcony, window, terrace or garden). This is not negotiable as we are not going to risk her health and life. The adopter will need to secure windows and any outside space she would have access to prior to Masha’s arrival at their place.


We will happily provide a scratching tree, some toys she likes, beds, licking mat, a puzzle.

We ask for the adoption fee of 200EUR.

Adoption process includes a meeting with Masha at her home (in Wekerom, nearby Ede). Once adoption is finalized, we will bring Masha and her stuff to you.

If you are interested in adoption, please drop us an email to

*We tried our best and everything we could think of, from pheromones, puzzles, extending play times, playing with each cat separately, not keeping them together just before the mealtimes when they are agitated. We hired a behaviourist, with no successful outcomes. There were a couple of major fights after which we kept Masha separated and went through the whole introduction process, but nothing seems to help with redirecting Masha from hopping on the other cats, which mixed with the fact that Masha does not read hissing/growling as a signal to back off and this leads to escalations. Generally, they can be together for big parts of the days, but we always have to be alerted and observe Masha closely when she is awake/at energy spikes, as sometimes it takes seconds for her to jump on one of the other cats. It does not happen often, but we don’t feel it’s safe to keep them together when we are asleep, away, occupied with work or other things (so majority of the time), or when either of the cats is at the high-energy-moment-of-a-day.

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