Mazie was adopted on December 19, 2021. She shares her life with a family of 4 and dog named Tara. And what can we say- we could not be happier for Mazie! She now has everything we could ever wish for her- experienced, patient, wonderful humans by her side, company of another canine and tons of love ❤


Mazie was dumped as a puppy because of a stiff leg (no mobiliy in stifle and tarsal joints + muscle atrophy). She grew up in the shelter and was told by the vet to keep walking with her paw because “it doesn’t hurt her”. Now, recently, after consulting with several vets from the Netherlands, her leg has been amputated and she can finally walk normally. Mazie is therefore all set to enjoy her life!

Mazie is a real everyone’s friend. In the shelter she was allowed to play with dogs from every kennel; she liked everyone and everyone liked her. Puppies jumping on top of her? No problem either! She is also very human oriented. We have not tested her with children but we do not expect any problems if the children know to respect dog’s space and boudries. When she was temporarily in a foster home in Bosnia (as a pup and after amputation), she also got along well with the cat.

At her foster home in Maastricht she proves her wonderful personality by being friend of every being in the household. She also does not bark, does not destroy stuff, loves rope toys and balls.

Mazie walks well on a leash and relieves herself mainly outside, but there are some accidents at home (it could be stress related due to change of environment, since it didn’t happen when she was staying at her rescuer’s flat as a puppy and after the paw amputation).

We are looking for a home for Mazie where she will be part of the family. Where she can make up for lost time, play and cuddle. Preferably a house with another dog or cat, or at least frequent play dates. And above all; where one respects her limits and understands that Mazie still has to get used to a few things; this is how her walks should be built up (she can’t last longer than 30 minutes at the moment, but when her muscles get stronger, she will).
She needs family who will:
– keep an eye on her weight and make sure she gets physiotherapy should this be needed at any point of her life. In the photos from earlier this year, her hips were fine, but we think it’s important to have another look soon now that she’s getting used to three legs.
– has experience with dogs and is aware of needs and challanges of German Shepherds.
– provide her with mental stimulation, consistent guidance and stable environment.
– understand and respect her limitations.

Please keep in mind that Mazie can’t walk stairs, so you need to either live on a ground floor or in a building with an elevator.

Dogs that have just come from the shelter can sometimes start to show character traits after a few weeks / months that were not there before. We don’t expect anything negative, but it’s good to keep this in mind.

Mazie is spayed and fully vaccinated.

Are you interested in adopting this sweetheart? Send us a message and you will get back an adoption questionnaire.

*Adoption fee of €350 applies, paid directly to the shelter Mazie came from.

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