Lucifer, now Ollie, has been adopted by a German couple who lives in Amsterdam. He got not only amazing ‘parents’, but also their female cat as a sister 🙂

Lucifer was rescued by Pieces of Heaven, when he was teeny-tiny 7 weeks old kitten who could not walk due to his broken paw. He spent 6 weeks in a clinic, but now he’s back in shape, catching up for all the time he could not run and play 😉 He is limping a tiny bit, but it does not affect his life at all.

Luci is located in Purmerend.

✅ approximately 5.5 months old, 

✅ fully vaccinated
✅ microchipped 
✅ tested negative for FIV & FELV
✅ de-wormed 
✅ treated against the flees.
🐱 Luci is young, playful and has TONES of energy. Because of it and the fact that he is used to share his life with other felines, we are looking for a home preferably with other cat(s) or with intention to adopt another one (there is plenty of advantages of having more then one cat!). If he would be the only cat, he needs a family where someone will work from home at all times and he will require plenty of play-time and stimulus to get rid of his energy.

❤ Luci is a loving creature. He purrs a lot every time we give him cuddles and attention. After playing he likes to lay between us and nap.

🏡 We are looking for a home where Luci will remain an indoor cat and where a balcony/garden (if applicable) and at least one window is secured, so when the weather is nice he can safely enjoy fresh air. We think he would do great walking in a harness, on a leash. He will also have to be castrated by the time he reaches max 1 year old (most vet practices do it when kitten is at least half year old). This are a non-negotiable conditions.
🤝 Pre-adoption meeting and a home-check applies.
💲 Adoption fee applies to cover travel expenses and partially cost of surgery, vaccinations, passport and microchip etc. (150€).

If you are interested in adoption- drop us a message ❤


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