Chicho has been adopted by a lovely woman and he already stole her heart (and bed;)). He makes a great progress with building up his confidence and he opens up more with every day <3


This lovely boy is fostered in Purmerend (North Holland) and we are looking for a forever home for him🏡

Chicho comes freshly groomed, castrated, fully vaccinated, tested negative with 4dx test and with the blood work done➡️ he’s heathy!

What should you know about Chicho?
✅He’s approximately 5 years old and weights 7 kg.
✅He gets along with cats & dogs.
✅He is a laid back boy. In his temporary home in Romania he had his favorite chair on which he spent most of the time. He barked only if other dogs barked. He didn’t play with toys so far.
✅He is still learning to walk in a harness and on a leash.
✅He is during his potty training now and it happens sometimes that he pees or poops indoors.
✖️He gets protective of his food- he barks if another dog approaches him when he eats (something to work on and feed him separately in a multi-animal household).

We are looking for a home for him where he will be treated with patience and love, his boundaries will be respected and things will be happening at his pace. If you have a garden that’s great, but it’s not a must.

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