Robbie was adopted on April 6, 2021 by a lovely family of 3. He first went through a vet-check, were he not only has been confirmed as healthy, but also stole hearts of all the employees of the clinic. In his new house he did much better than we thought, wasn’t anxious and was overflown right away with love, affection and candies 🙂


Robbie was found by our friend Maria. She spotted him on the street, in front of a gym. He, partially deaf and blind senior, really needed help. Maria took care of him until he was ready to travel to the Netherlands.

Robbie is approximately 10 years old and despite not hearing and seeing well, he is a healthy boy.
He is a very calm being- you will not notice his presence at home much, he mainly sleeps. If he doesn’t sleep, he follows us probably hoping for a snack 😉 It’s clear that he wants cuddles, but he is still a bit anxious when it comes to humans touching him.

He walks great on a leash (he doesn’t pull at all) and he does great off leash too. The only thing to keep in mind is not to walk too far away from him when he stops to sniff, because he may not hear/see you.

There is no aggression in him at all. He ignores strangers, dogs and cats. He behaved very well at the vet and a groomer and he patiently waits before each walk while we are putting harness and a jacket on him.

Robbie is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped. Ha also had blood work and a dental treatment done recently.

We are looking for a calm home for him, with a family who understands that though he is small and old-ish, he still needs and enjoys long walks.

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