Call out for help…

🆘 We do it as little as possible, but now we need to ask for your help. 🆘

On the top of sending some small financial support to organizations we know, we also have a lot of expenses related to the animals we foster and re-home. For example:
* There are fuel costs involved to pick up the cat/dog arriving in the Netherlands from a meeting point (some being up to 110km away), to meet the adopters, to bring the animal to his/her new home and so on.
* We pay for food, and we do not settle for low quality.
* And sometimes there are (higher than usual prep costs) vet bills involved, like for Robbie….

Robbie was found by our dear friend Maria. Dirty, scared and being a partially deaf and blind senior, he really needed help. He was taken in by her, brought to the vet appointments, to the groomer and completely prepared for his journey to the Netherlands. He arrived last Saturday! ❤

This left us with €250,- in bills, for his castration, blood work, dental treatment, vaccinations, microchip, deworming, flea treatment etc. Robbie also needed a harness, a visit at a groomer and a jacket since his fur had to be shaved due to a very poor condition. In this amount we do not count yet the transport to the Netherlands and fuel costs here, food expenses etc.

We really love fostering and we truly believe that it works great to adopt from foster-based situations, but in order to keep going, we could really use some help to cover Robbie’s vet bills.

If you can help with a donation in ANY amount (no matter how big or small), that would be incredibly much appreciated!
You can donate via:
– PayPal: *using the option to send to a friend so it will not deduct a fee from your donation*
– Following the payment request link (you should be able to adjust the amount you wish to donate):
– Our website *Donate* button
– Bank transfer: banking details listed here:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤

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