Dante’s got adopted two weeks after his arrival to the Netherlands, on March 19, 2021.
Together with his new family, consisting of a lovely couple and two cats, he lives by a beach and in a year they will all move to a house nearby forest. We are very happy to see him going to such a responsible and dedicated home.

Are you the one who brings this sad story to a happy ending? Dante, who is currently 4 months old, had a tough start in life. He was found in the middle of winter in Romania, so desperate for food that he was eating from the corpse of another dead dog that was dumped in a garbage bag. No proper meals for this guy, no love, no warmth, no home.
It was not until the amazing people from Pieces of Heaven rescued him and started preparing him for a better life. And better it is! With a full belly and proper care, he is soon ready for his trip to the Netherlands. Now it is time to find him a permanent home!

He is still bit scared of people and shy in the beginning but there is progress. When a person approaches him, he (not always, but quite often) pees a few drops. After a while, when he sees that you are doing him no harm, he opens up and enjoys receiving cuddles and attention.

Dante spent his life mainly outside, he is just learning now how to behave inside and how to walk on a leash. He already relieves himself outside, while being on a leash and in a harness, but it still may happen that he pees inside or freeze/pull while walking on a lead.


Dante (who is going to be a big buy) is sweet and friendly towards other dogs and cats, hence it would be great if he lives with other dog(s) or gets play dates according to his needs. He absolutely loves to play and enjoys carrying around toys and blankets. There is no aggression in him at all, just shyness and being scared. He just doesn’t know yet that he will never get hurt again by humans.

We are looking for a home where:
– Dante will be treated with patience and love.
– His pace and boundaries will be respected, he will not get overstimulated and overwhelmed. Even if this means toilet visits in a garden or on puppy mats in the first days.
– His adopter(s) is(/are) aware that Dante lived in a normal house-situation just a short while so far and he might need a while to get used to it. He needs to learn what is allowed and what is not, as well as to walk on a leash.
– His adopter(s) are fully committed to work with Dante and help him discover that life is good.
– His adopter(s) is(/are) ready and willing to work with a trainer/behaviorist if needed.

What more is there to know?
– Dante is fully vaccinated, checked by a vet, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks.
– He is not spayed yet due to his young age. His adopter(s) is(/are) obligated to castrate him by the time Dante is 1 year old (rescue’s policy).
– Adoption fee applies.

If you are ready to extend your family and you feel like Dante might be a good match, please drop a us message.

With love, patience and understanding you will get a loyal and loving friend for many years to come.

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