Rusty was adopted in early March 2021. He now shares his live with an amazing mom and a cat-sister 🙂

This lovely boy was found and taken care of by Fundatia Siddhartha.

He is approximately 10 months old, castrated and fully vaccinated.
Rusty is very playful and with high energy level. He lives now with 2 other cats and 2 dogs and he definitely enjoys their companion.

🏡We are looking for a home where Rusty will remain an indoor cat and where a balcony (if applicable) and at least one window is secured, so when the weather is nice, he can safely enjoy fresh air. This is a non-negotiable condition.

🐱Since Rusty is young, playful and used to share his life with other cats and dogs, we want for him to go to a home where he will have company of other playful cat(s) or potentially a cat-friendly dog.

🤝Pre-adoption meeting and a home-check applies.

💲Adoption fee applies to cover travel expenses and cost of vaccinations, passport and microchip (125€).

Rusty will be coming to the Netherlands somewhere in February.

If you are interested in adoption- drop us a message 🙂


  1. Dear all, 
    We really like Rusty and we think he could live happily with us. In our apartment, we could secure the balcony for his safety and also a window. Though, we would appreciate your advice since you might know better than us how this works. 
    We like him because of your description (young, playful) but we understand that this goes hand in hand with having company. We both work from home, would that be ok with you? Or is other cat/dog a non-negotiable condition?
    Also, we live in Maastricht. Is that an issue?
    Thanks in advance!
    Have a nice day, Gisel 

    • Hi dear Gisel,
      Thank you for willing to adopt! For Rusty we are looking for a home with other feline/canine company and that’s non-negotiable. It’s really beneficial for cats to live at least in pairs, specially when they are kittens. We however will be fostering and re-homing other cats too, bit older, who could potentially be the only animal in the household. Living in Maastricht is absolutely not an issue! Please keep an eye on our website, soon we will posting another cat arriving within next 3-4 weeks and if you think it could be a match, send us an e-mail.

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