Dan & Sarah

Dan & Sarah are adopted together! We love nothing as much as people adopting animals in couples, specially the animals that know each other. Dan & Sarah, now Fred & Skadi, were extremely timid when they arrived to us, it took us days to be able to touch them. Their new family understood well their fears, gave them space and a week after the adoption we got a video of kittens snuggling with their humans on the bed 🙂 _______________________________________________

Dan & Sarah have been rescued by our friends from Fundatia Siddharta.

They arrived to the Netherlands on November 14, scared from the journey and new environment. It took us some days to get their trust, but patience and love do miracles 🙂 Now they like cuddles and once you start to pet them, they convert into real purring machines 🙂

They both love to play with each other and with toys. They have their crazy moments of running, jumping and climbing, just as most of kittens do 🙂

We are looking for a family who would adopt them together.

Sarah misses one eye, but it doesn’t bother her at all and she doesn’t need any treatment.

They are both vaccinated, microchipped and use cat litter box. They are now approx. 6 months old

Are you interested in adoption? Please keep in mind that:
🩹You are obligated to spay/neuter adopted animal(s) at the earliest convenience. We can help with arranging it.
🏠We are looking only for homes where the cat(s) will stay indoors and where balcony (if applicable) and windows are secured. This is a non-negotiable condition.
🤝Pre-adoption meeting and home-check applies.
💰Adoption fee applies to cover travel expenses and cost of vaccinations and other medical costs. It is 100EUR for Sarah and 150EUR for Dan who will be castrated on December 3.

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