Sometimes you don’t need to go far to help a living being.

On one of our evening walks in Zaanstad we spotted a (clearly) stray cat, with 2 lumps on his head. We felt so sorry for the guy, that we brought a humane trap and started our attempts to catch him.
After a couple days we finally managed to get him! ❤ But since we didn’t knew if he has any diseases, we didn’t dare to bring him home to our cats and our foster cats. Luckily a local shelter took him in.

Now, we heard the news that the lumps are caused by infections. 😮 Also some of his teeth were broken. We can only imagine what a tough life he must have had. 🙁

At the moment he is being taken care of, his injuries are being looked after and he is castrated. Whenever he is feeling better, the shelter will try to rehome him. We are so happy they took him in. Thank you so much Zaanse Stichting Dierenzorg , for helping this poor guy! You guys are the best! ❤

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