Leo got adopted only 2 weeks after arriving to the Netherlands. On September 15, 2020 we signed the adoption contract after one week of so-call “trial period”. Leo lives with a lovely couple in Breda, where he is getting used to a city life, will start a training soon and is receiving all the love he needs and wants <3


Leo has been found by our friends from Fundatia Siddhartha in a village Bradulet (Romania). He has been seen for several days begging for food and attention and they just couldn’t leave him on a street.

This little boy is full of love – it seems he enjoys nothing as much as cuddles 🙂 At first he is a little shy, but all he needs is a bit of time and once you break the ice you will get the most loyal friend in the whole wide world!

Leo learnt in just a few minutes how to walk in a harness and on a leash. Obviously, since city life in completely new to him, he stops sometimes scared by a noise or movement, but a snack or a cuddle is enough to show him that it’s safe and fine to continue walking. Though he reliefs himself outside it happens sometimes that he pees inside the house, however taking in consideration that he just arrived and how fast he learns, we know that it’s just a matter of days until he is fully potty trained.

This little boy likes to play with toys and back in the rescue in Romania he played a lot with other dogs he shared his pen with 🙂

He is crate trained- back in Romania, during the night, he slept in a crate.

Leo is 1- 1.5 year old, castrated and fully vaccinated.

Whom we are looking for to adopt Leo?

  • someone patient and consequent, who understand that rescued animals need time to get used to and adjust to the new environment and a new life.
  • a person/family who can guarantee that Leo won’t spend long hours alone (you either work remotely, part-time or are willing to arrange a pet-sitter; dog-walker or a dog day-care).
  • would be great, though it’s not necessary, that you already have other animal(s)- Leo is used to living in a pack.
  • if you don’t have an experience with dogs, we would like that you arrange for a couple of meetings with a dog trainer to learn basic do’s and don’ts and make sure that both you and Leo benefit to the fullest from each others company.
  • someone who loves cuddles and getting kisses from a dog 😉


  1. Hello my name is Hayley! I am a 29year old dog lover, from Sydney Australia. I have been living in Amsterdam for 3 years and have finally decided it is the right time to adopt a dog. I am very affectionate with dogs and think I would absolutely love to give Leo a forever home with a lot of love and walks!

    While I have been living here I have been a regular dogsitter for two beautiful dogs, so I know very well the responsibilities of having dogs. One dog I babysit, Gummo, I babysit for many months at a time. He needed a lot of walking so I am very use to (and love) the lifestyle of walking at least 3 times a day and exploring many parks. He is also sometimes an anxious dog, afraid of noises and sometime people. I like to think that my presence is calming and makes him feel safe, so I hope Leo will feel more and more comfortable by my side as well!

    I live in an apartment but due to my flexible work situation, I don’t think it’s a problem that there is no garden, since I plan to be very active taking the dog to parks and outside and exploring in nature.

    My job is freelance Graphic Designer. I only need to go to the office 1-2 times a week. When I dog-sit I would normally take him to the office with me, this includes a big walk through the forrest and the office is very spacious and dog friendly. I think Leo would like it too 🙂

    I live with one other housemate. No children, no other dogs. Right now I have a lot of spare time to train a dog and put in the work to be a great owner.
    I hope you will find me a good fit for Leo! I would love to arrange a visit if possible to see if we have a connection. Please let me know!

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