Remaining part of donations delivered!

More donations are being dropped of. ❤ We paid visits to both Sanctuarul Nima (the first sanctuary for farm animals in Romania! But they also still have dogs and cats 🙂 ) and Asociatia A Doua Sansa Ramnicu Valcea .

Food, crates and other items were distributed. It was great to see all of the wonderful people from these organizations again, and to cuddle the animals. We are constantly amazed by the tireless efforts they are showing in their fight to help the animals. Our heroes, all of them! ❤️

For now, we will stay at Nima for a couple days. After that, the long drive home starts, together with some furry friends that need homes fast. We will keep you up-to-date! 😁

PS: in all our excitement and the busy schedule, we didn’t took a lot of pictures of the unloading of the donations. But the van was full when we started, and now it’s empty. 😏

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