Masha stays with us! :)

30 June 2020
We decided to adopt Blue and renamed her to Masha <3 Ever since she arrived, she keeps us amazed with her personality. She is a purrfect clingy match for us and a play mate for our cats 🙂 ________________________________________________________________________ This energetic girl of approximately 1,5 year has been recently spayed and now is ready to come to the Netherlands- she will arrive on June 13! What we already know about Blue is that she is very playful, energetic and likes the company of other animals, hence we are looking for a home with other playful cat(s) or/and dog(s)! We believe that to keep her happy and sane it's essential that she will have playmates. Ideally you have a balcony or garden which can be made cat proof or you are willing to give it a try with walking her on the leash or in a stroller. Blue is curious and will surely need a lot of stimulation! We will keep you updated on her personality once she gets to our home, but if you already have the feeling that she might be a good match for you, drop us a message to learn about the adoption procedure. **Please note that for their own safety and to avoid the damage they might do to birds and the small mammals population, for our cats we are looking for homes where they won’t be allowed to roam outside unsupervised. **

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