Wasabi’s wish came true- a family!

This adoption went a little bit different from our normal adoptions. Usually the family first comes to meet the animal at our house or the house of the foster. However, since Wasabi has FIV, we needed to find her a place where she could go directly.

Luckily it was no problem to find such home, and a very warm and loving couple fell for Wasabi. They agreed to take her in and if it wouldn’t be a match, foster her until we can find another home. At the first day it was already clear that that was not necessary, they loved her and she loved them. We are very pleased that she found a home and can live the rest of her life with them!

(Below you can find the original post about her)

Wasabi is a lovely cat, but before departure she was tested positive for Feline immunodeficiency. As not to risk the health of the other cats at our location, we couldn’t bring her… 🙁

We don’t want to give up on her though! She deserves a family! So we are starting to look for a home for her.

– Can you foster? Please be aware that Wasabi cannot be together with other cats (unless they have the same virus), as there is a risk she would transmit the disease. Also, it’s not possible to let her go outside. If you are up for this task and ready to commit to a cat until she finds a permanent home, please let us know! We will cover all expenses!
– Can you provide her a forever home? Please be aware that, apart from what is being mentioned above, she will also not grow as old as a regular cat. Since she cannot roam freely outside, we are looking for a place where there is a balcony available for her or a cat-aviary connected to the house, so she can still have fresh air. We can assist/advise in this, if necessary.

Wasabi is currently still in Romania and is great with people and dogs. The estimated date of birth is February 2018. When we have a place for her, she will be transported.

Please write us if you can help us. It would mean the world to her.

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