From grey to white. Trosky, a dog reborn!

On one of the morning walks with the dogs we rescued, a small dog was spotted with horrible knots all over his little body. We decided we needed to step in. So quickly we went back to grab a crate and some food, hoping to catch him.

However, upon returning, we found out that he wasn’t a stray dog. At first the ‘‘caretakers’’ didn’t want to let us take him to the vet but after some struggles they agreed, under the condition that one of the family members, a teenage boy, would go with us.

Trosky, that was the name given to him by his family, was shaved, bathed, got vaccinations and deworming. He still needs to be castrated and his teeth needs to be cleaned. We hope that they will bring him back for that, since we offered to pay for his expenses. Apart from this we also provided them with a big bag of dog food (since the dog was being fed with tortillas…) and a brush for future grooming.

The vet from Centro Veterinario Las Casas was of great help in this situation, as he explained the boy everything with much patience and took his phone number to follow up on the castration/cleaning of the teeth.

It’s things like this that we can only do with your help. If you feel like helping us to help them, please consider a donation. <3 [gallery ids="1641,1638,1640,1639"]

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